Odmiany wczesne


Origin: A New Fruits cultivar selected in Cesena (Italy).

Plant: Low environmental requirements, vital, very productive, resistant to low, winter temperatures.

Fruits: Large and uniform fruits with very attractive appearance and shiny red color, a conical and long shape, characterized by compact flesh and satisfying organoleptic properties, as well as long shelf life.

Harvest season: Very early season.

Application: This cultivar is very widespread both grown under shelter and in arable farming, it brings excellent results not only in the case of frigo plants, but also fresh seedlings or potted green plants.

Strengths: Early-season fruiting, guarantee of very high yield, very attractive fruits, high productivity, fruits have large sizes till the end of the harvest season, wonderful merchantability of fruits (long shelf life). This cultivar is resistant to root system diseases.

Weaknesses: The plant is prone to gnomonia (fungi) and it is characterized by slight susceptibility to mildew and anthracnose.

Cultivation area: This cultivar is adapted to the continental climate. It requires many hours of cold in the period of vegetation inactivity. This cultivar has a long passive period in winter.

Sales market: Supermarkets, direct sales, specialty stores.

*Licensed varieties, which cannot be reproduced or sold, and pursuant to the new law - multiplied for personal use.

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